Covid and The GCM Inc

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When it came to the amount of work companies were putting in, they were finding it challenging to get through processes, especially with the rules changing, people were forced to work remotely. For the most part, they were getting as much as they could done but were unsure about the rest. There were a couple of changes that we had to handle to get them through the process. 

If we had to predict the changes that took place, we assume that we are looking at a positive future. With restrictions lifted and everyone opening up to have more face-to-face conversations definitely, it should impact us for the better. Companies were finding a way to get back to normal after the lockdowns and the slump, with development heading in that direction.

Various aspects of our business were disrupted over the last few years, and there were parts where we grew as well. People are getting back to their regular lives, although there are still people who are scared. When it comes to some of our clients, they preferred a slower approach, while others were getting back to normal and allowed us to move at that pace as well.

There were many changes that we had to make, but there were a few aspects that we could maintain. We did not want to make any changes to our functioning, if we could maintain the process we followed, and they did not get in the way. One of these was our communication patterns. While there were times when we could not meet people in person, we were open to the idea of using our phones and the internet to connect. We used the same approach in the past, we did not have too much trouble.

Another aspect we tried to maintain was our work hours. People were struggling to get in touch with the company, and we were working to make that a reality. We did not want to change the hours we put in because everything was on track to get better, and we had enough of a slump and break at the pandemic peak, so now it was time to get back to work.

For the most part, we were working from the office. Much of our work had to be done in person, so we did not have much choice. We made sure everyone followed the rules put together at the time. There were no major challenges with working from the office, and we had a team open to making changes and adapting when needed. Additionally, we made sure that we did not have any restrictions. However, we were sure we cleaned the office as often as possible to keep everyone safe.

We had a team that was disinfecting everything everyday. We would use full disinfection and handle a deep cleaning once a week. Additionally, we implemented check-in protocols for every employee and walk-ins guests or clients. Finally, we made sure that everyone was maintaining safe distances so that they were not spreading the virus.

We are already meeting our clients in person, so having in-person meetings was not an issue. Additionally, we have everyone keep six ft distance and wear masks compulsorily. We all our employees go through a screening process everyday before they head out for client meetings. We want everyone to be safe and do not force meetings on any one if they feel that they cannot handle them. There are some clients who prefer dealing with us remotely, and we are open to that. While there are benefits to meeting in person, we are open to the path of least resistance to make sure we get the job done.

We usually use Zoom when we have remote meetings. It is the simplest software out there, with clients already using it for most of the work they handle. However, at times, we have to change slightly and use a different one. If it is Google meet or something similar, we are open to incorporating the same to make the process easier. With so much happening virtually and remotely, we would also participate in virtual public events and business expos.

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