A Beginner’s Guide To A Fruitful Conversation

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Communication and conversations are the foundation of personal and professional relationships and an essential tool for sales and marketing. Learning how to start and hold a conversation is critical to building trust, and if you can master conversation skills, the sky is the limit.

So ask yourself. Do you know how to have a conversation? I don’t just mean any old boring conversation. I mean, do you know how to have a memorable, effective, incredible conversation where both parties are understood? Knowing how to start, hold and end a conversation smoothly is one of the most important people skills you can have.

To help you build relationships like a pro and hold conversations that enthrall and captivate, the experts at The GCM Inc have put together a beginner’s guide to holding a fruitful discussion. This guide is designed to give you a few tips that should help you get pretty much anything you want out of the situation.

Getting Started

Do your research

Like any good athlete, conversationalists practice, prepare and execute with the intention to win. While you don’t want to ‘win’ a conversation, you might want to win business, win friends or spread new ideas. Thus, before any social interaction, set your intention, know your crowd and do your research. This doesn’t have to be anything significant. Just think of one-sentence answers to the following while you get ready. Who, what, when, and why.

Approach as a friend

Most people think we don’t make our first impression until we start talking, but this is not the case. Be sure that before you even begin the conversation, you are approaching it with open and confident body language.

Use conversation openers

The hardest part of a conversation is the opener. We tend to agonize over who and how to approach someone for an exchange. But don’t worry! A few conversation starters are the easiest way to break the ice. A simple, “Hello, how are you?” It’s super easy, but it works! You could ask about the food or comment on the venue or event. These are extremely subtle and make it easy to strike up a conversation.

Keep an open mind

Open-mindedness is a positive character quality, enabling those who use it to think critically and rationally. When you are more open-minded in your communication process, people are often drawn to talking with you, subconsciously recognizing that you don’t judge them, leaving them feeling good about the interaction.

Next Step

Listen, practice, and think critically 

Listening is key to all effective communication. Similarly, practice makes perfect, so it is a great idea to get as much conversational experience before you get up on the stage in front of a large audience. Additionally, critical thinking boosts communication confidence. It is a lot easier to communicate when you are prepared with information, arguments, points of view, and potential solutions.

Advice From The Pros

Write down a script and practice pitch

A script is a message or set of previously stored messages or previously written phrases or sentences that provide a direction in a specific conversation. Practicing these before your event or meeting can help you get in the right mindset. Rehearsing your pitch will give you confidence. 

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